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Mark's Personal Story

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Mark's Personal Story

Hi, I'm Mark, with Get Fit Toolbox, and in May 2020, I was about 240 pounds (closer to 250 lbs!) with a body mass index of like 34+, which is obese. Life was not very good. I felt kind of sickly every day. I used to be in good shape, I was very fit. 


In the younger years, I was in a lot of sports, football, track baseball, all kinds of things, I was always doing something and was always very busy. I even competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting years and years ago. But for 20 years, I basically stopped almost all exercise. So, slowly but surely, like most of us, I got out of shape and gained a bunch of weight (excess fat) and topped out at almost 250 pounds!

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In May of 2020, I decided that's it. I'm tired of looking and feeling like I did, I was worried about having a healthy lifespan, living to the age that I think I could live to. My son probably didn't see me that way I thought of myself as kind of like "the before person". You know, what was the reason for him to even try to get in shape or stay fit or work on his health. Anyway, I just said this is it. I really want to do something about it and refuse to simply give up. I really wanted to get back to where I was and wanted to help my son get in shape for himself and to feel like this is something that's a lifestyle as opposed to just the way things are and just to let things go. So I committed to making a change. 


On May 15 2020, I started my fitness program that I created for myself and did the entire program at home. I do go to work so I take my gym to work and can workout at work in one of the back rooms. I do my workouts during lunch. Between home and work, I'm actually working out 5 to 7 days every week and I have been doing so and I've lost 60 pounds so far. I'm going to lose another 5 or 10 pounds and then I'll be at my target weight. And, I'm 59 years old! So it's pretty amazing! 


When I started on May 15, I could do 9 push-ups. I could do 5 sit-ups, maybe 4. I could do some windmills which is, you know, a particular exercise. Maybe you don't know what windmills are but I could do 15 of those and a few other things. My workout was done in about 10 minutes or maybe 8. Okay, and that's where I started, which is basically where almost everyone would start who really hasn't exercised or hasn't exercised in years. 


So for my transition, over the course of about 10 months, I lost 60 pounds. My heart rate, my rest heart rate, is around 60. At this point, I've lost quite a bit on my waist. The pants that I could barely fit into are now loose on me. I lost about 7 to 8 inches on my waist. And, to give you an example of where I am I just did a workout today, a 50-minute workout and I was able to do, in 3 supersets... I did 150 push-ups, 150 squats, 310 sit-ups, and bunches of other stuff. In total, I did 615 reps of exercises in one little space 3'x7' which would be equivalent to being at home or anywhere. I didn't take up much room at all. Without much equipment at all, in 50 minutes I got my heart rate up to almost 170 during that workout. I feel great, energized and I'm ready to go. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. 

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I mean, starting out from 9 push-ups not that many months ago to 150! 4 to 5 sit-ups to over 300! It's amazing, incrementally over time. Improving, improving, improving, improving, getting better getting fitter, and losing weight and fat and reducing size where I need to and increasing the muscles where I want to. I just want to put this out to tell you that it's possible. I did it! Anybody can do it! If I can do it, anybody can do it. 


We have helpful hints in here and some tools that you can get your hands on FREE to help you out, record your workouts, and track your workouts. You can download those forms and other types of stuff. 

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I'm excited because I want you to feel empowered too! I want you to feel energized. I want you to feel the reality of possibility, the confidence that it can be done. I'm sitting here telling you, it can be done! Yes, it's going to be challenging. Yes, it's going to push you a little bit. Yes, you can start off very simply! You don't have to have any experience whatsoever or any background in exercising or fitness. You can start from literally zero. You can get started, transition, and change your life over the course of a number of months and lose weight, lose fat, get healthier, improve your lifestyle, get more active, spend more time with your kids or grandkids, and give yourself a chance to live a full life. This can happen! I'm living proof that it can be done. I'm just here to share with you. I want to encourage you and want you to feel empowered by my statements here.


We at Get Fit Toolbox have put together helpful products, hints, ideas, and thoughts, and some of the tools that help you move in the right direction. We have a Facebook page that you can go there and check us out there. We offer little snippets of stuff on there all the time. You can talk to us through our Facebook page.


So the products that you see on our website are select products, they are products that we use, or have tested and know that these are the products that most people need to have, or will want to have, over the course of their exercise program to get fit at home. It's not expensive stuff. There are helpful tools in here that can help get your transition started and moving along. You don't even need anything to start out, not a thing! But, you will want some great stuff, some great select products, as you go along and as you improve and expand your capabilities becoming stronger, trimmer, lighter, faster, sexier, more powerful, and healthier.


Thank you very much. Enjoy the website. I hope you find the select products that we offer helpful. If you have any questions please email us We'll be glad to help you any way we can. Take care.