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Why Get Fit?

30 Reasons - Why Getting Fit At-Home Might Be Right For You!

1. You want to avoid contracting Covid-19 or other communicable diseases.

2. You're embarrassed about how you look and aren't comfortable working out in public.

3. You think that your too old to go to a gym or fitness club.

4. You don't like being "hit on" while you're trying to workout.

5. You're someone who prefers to workout naked or scantily dressed.

6. You like to workout out in front of mirrors and feel awkward in public.

7. Gyms and Fitness Clubs are expensive and you're trying to save money.

8. You're tired of competing with others for equipment or machine time.

9. Touching things others have sweated all over freaks you out

10. You want to avoid getting a staff or other infection.

11. Your immune systems is weak and you need to limit close contact with others.

12. You're tired of wasting time and gas traveling to and from the gym

13. You go out of town often and "your gym" can't go with you.

14. You always shower right after you workout and prefer your shower at home.

15. You're just starting or re-starting to exercise and are uncomfortable in front of others.

16. You want your kids or grandkids to see you work on improving your health and they should too.

17. You have a dog or a cat you like to exercise with.

18. You love to workout in front of a TV that YOU have total control of.

19. Having too many people around makes it difficult for your to focus and stay on task.

20. You're very busy and need to minimize your total workout time each day.

21. Because of where you live, traveling to and from the gym is unsafe.

22. Because your have a hectic daily schedule you need maximum flexibility.

23. For specific reasons, it's difficult for you to leave home each day

24. You travel frequently and your workouts must be completely portable too.

25. There are no gyms or fitness clubs nearby.

26. It's something the whole family can do for little or no cost and at times BEST for each person.

27. You don't want to waste money on memberships you know you'll rarely or never use.

28. You want the maximum results while minimizing the time and money invested.

29. It is so easy to get started that believe that you will be able to help friends and family get started too.

30. You've wanted to improve your health for years and since your home more there is no better time to begin!