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Habits for Success

"The Secret of Success [in anything] lies in forming the habit of doing the things failures don't like to do."

[Gray, Albert E.N. "The Common Denominator of Success" Farnum Media Street Inc]
 [Mark's Fitness Habits for Success] - For me to be successful at "getting fit", I knew on the first day that I had to form new habits of doing 2-key things that I DID NOT WANT TO DO!
1. Change My Diet - Immediately change my diet to a Keto Diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carb) which meant that I would be eliminating virtually ALL SUGAR and STARCHES from my daily diet (no more soft drinks, breakfast cereals, potatoes, pasta, etc).
2. Exercise Every Day - Include a simple, but challenging (tolerably uncomfortable), exercise plan into my daily routine (no more days without moderate physical distress).


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 Forming a New (Keto) Diet Habit

1. Learn Good Keto Foods and Bad Keto Foods
2. Purchase Good Keto Foods (reduce or eliminate Bad Foods)
3. Make a 30 Day Commitment to Start
4. Hook Your New Keto Diet Habit to an Existing Daily Habit
5. Plan to Overcome Some Obstacles and Occasional Setbacks
6. Be Accountable by Tracking ALL the Foods Eaten and Nutritional Information EVERY Day
7. Plan to Reward Yourself on Day 31 and on other important Milestones
8. A New You! - Start Thinking of Yourself as an Athlete in "Personal Fitness"

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      Forming a New Exercise Habit

      1. Find a Beginners 30-Day (4-Week) Workout Plan
      2. Commit to 30-Days (minimum)
      3. Hook Your New Workout Plan to an Existing Daily Habit
      4. Write-Down All the Obstacles/Setbacks You're Likely to Face
      5. Be Accountable by Tracking Workout Details EVERY Day
      6. Plan to Reward Yourself on Day 31 and on other important Milestones
      7. A New You! - Start Thinking of Yourself as an Athlete in "Personal Fitness"

          Forming New Habits is not easy and it will take time to become a habit but you can get there by committing to being consistent every day! Do everything humanly possible not to miss or skip a day in the first 30 days or so. On day 31, recommit for another 30 days, and so on. Once something becomes a true habit, missing or skipping a day will be super simple to recover from!
          Consider this... just as losing a single strand of hair does not make you bald, missing one workout does not mean your fitness journey is over and you're a failure! I want you to completely forget about it and when it's time to exercise tomorrow...just do it because that's what athletes like us do!