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About Us

We are just like you! When we were kids growing up we ran around and played every chance we got and never thought much about fitness or exercising or even our health. Life was pretty carefree and simple. In high school we had grown up to our full height, put on a few pounds, played sports or kicked butt in chess club, but otherwise were in good-to-decent shape, fitness wise. Then, we graduated and everything about our health and fitness began to slowly, insidiously decline. While some of us took action to stay fit and in-shape, like Mark did (click here to hear or read Mark's Personal Story), most of us focused on our jobs and careers or college and our fitness and health continued to gradually decline.

At some point (maybe today!), while standing naked in front of the mirror or when we felt depressed after talking to our doctor about the results of our annual physical or when we reached the top of a stairway exhausted and completely out-of-breath we finally realized we were not healthy, totally out-of-shape, and had to seriously consider doing something about it... and soon (maybe right now)!

Whether you're in your 20's, 40's, 60's, or 80's who said you are not allowed or not supposed to be fit and in great shape? Who made that rule?

At GetFitToolbox we DO NOT accept the view that just because we're older or too old or never played sports or never worked out that we're suppose to be unfit and overweight. We got fit at home because we became aware of our poor health and fitness, decided we needed to do something about it, and then took action to get fit and improve our health. And, we did it at home (or in the office back room) by changing our diet and exercising, using a very small space, without expensive equipment, without every going to a gym or fitness club, and by committing to a simple powerful plan that allowed us to incrementally improve, get fit, and get healthier literally starting from zero!

You can get fit too even if you've NEVER exercised before! You don't need to buy a anything new today just to get started. All you need is your motivation, your drive and desire to begin then you MUST start! To help get you started today, Mark created a simple, super effective totally FREE plan called "Quick Start 2 Week Get Fit Plan" that you can get and printout by Clicking HERE. In addition, Mark created an energizing 3 minute Warm Up/Warm Down video (he used this himself back when he just started his fitness journey). Mark is sharing his Warm Up/Warm Down video to you for FREE by Clicking HERE.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to Get Started Today! Don't wait until tomorrow! Your first workout won't take long and when you finish you'll feel proud of yourself for taking the first step on your journey to becoming the new fit, healthy you!

Don't wait! Start getting fit today!

GetFitToolbox Team