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Vision Boarding Masterclass

** Coming Soon! **

Example Vision Board

Custom, Vibrant Motivational Vision Boards for 2021! In several weeks we will be offering special and personal Vision Boarding Masterclass using Digital Vision Boarding. In these classes you will get lifetime access to your own digital Vision Board canvases (over 20 to choose from) as well as our step-by-step training so you can build your own personal, custom digital Vision Boards to maximize your results for 2021 and beyond!

Vision Boards are one of the best ways to put all of your important "big picture" goals and dreams visually in front of you at all times to constantly provide clarity of what you're working towards, to keep you hyper-motivated, and to help you actually achieve the results you truly desire.

What you will get in our Premium Vision Boarding Masterclass!

  • 90 Minute Hands-On Session - Join us as we walk you through step by step how to create your Vision Board. Get a clear understanding of what you want out of your life. Enjoy this fun and practical session to motivate and inspire you towards concrete daily actions in pursuit of your biggest and most important life goals. Value $297

  • Template Pack
    25 Vertical Vision Board Editable Templates. Value $99

    25 Horizontal Vision Board Editable Templates. Value $99

    25 Instagram Vision Board Editable Templates. Value $99

    Goal Setting Masterclass with Workbook - Actionable training that walks you through how to set your short term and long term goals. Comes with a workbook that will guide you along the way. Value $197

    Cultivating An Abundance Mindset with Workbook - The secret to having it all is believing you already do. During this session, we will walk you through how to change your mindset to see success. Value $197