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9 Tips for Weight Loss and Improved Fitness

by Mark Canter January 24, 2022

9 Tips for Weight Loss and Improved Fitness

1. List Your WHYs.

> Why are you going to do this? Write them ALL down. Don't skip this step!

2. Do An Honest Health Evaluation.

> Easily Short of Breath? Excess fat? Measure yourself: weight, waist, hips, chest, resting heart rate, etc. Lookup your BMI.

3. Start Immediately. Do 3 simple things.

> Walk for 5 min. Do 10-15 knee-bends. Drink 12 oz fresh water. You'll do more later.

4. Start A Healthy Diet Plan. Keto. Mediterranean. Other.

> Lower your daily calories BUT eat healthier, nutrient-rich foods. Start it today.

5. Find A Simple Daily Exercise Plan. Start it tomorrow!

> The At-Home fitness programs are better than ever! Your plan will advance over time.

6. EVERY Day Going Forward... Manage Your Diet & Exercise. No excuses.

> If you miss a workout or eat poorly one day, log it BUT forget about it and get right back on track tomorrow when you wake up. Work the plan and adjust as needed.

7. Write Down Everything, Every Day!

> Log every workout. Write down everything you eat. Be aware of your body's changes over time and make a note of your observations.

8. Track & Record Your Progress.

> Weigh yourself weekly. Get a Garmin or FitBit or other fitness tracker watch to see your heart rate, activity calories, sleep, and more.

9. Keep Going!!! Do Not Stop! Period.

> You have momentum...use it! Remember your them! Review your previous logs and pat your back for every little achievement. You're creating a New You based upon your new lifestyle and healthy habits.

My Results?

To date, I have lost 70 lbs of excess fat & gained 10 lbs of lean muscle!

* Fitness improvements per workout:

> Sit-Ups: 4-5 reps up to over 250 reps

> Push-Ups: 9-10 reps up to over 100 reps

> Squats: 15-20 reps up to over 150 reps

> Steps: 3000/day to over 7000/day

> Capacity: 120-130 bpm up to 165-175 bpm

> Many more!

* Fitness and Health changes:

> Rest Heart Rate: 75+ lowered to 61

> Waist Size: >38" lowered to 33"

> Sleep Hrs: 5 hrs avg increased to 6.5 avg

> Healthy Eating: Poor high carb/sugary diet switched to Keto diet

> Health Issues: Fatty liver gone! Torn quad fixed! Hip joint pain gone! Range of motion significantly improved. Arthritis... relieved!

* Appearance changes:

> Belly fat replaced with 6-pack abs!

> Face thinned and jaw chiseled

> Muscle definition up over entire body

Mark Canter
Mark Canter

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